What is the charge of delivery?

All deliveries will be a charge depending on the orders.

How long is the delivery time?

The maximum time of order delivery is to your door steps is within 24 hours. But there may be exceptional cases where some goods may be out of stock and need additional time to collect them from our suppliers, and we will do our level best to make your goods available as soon as possible.

Can I cancel an order?

YES you can make changes or cancel any orders for FREE as long as the item is not shipped, but if the item is already shipped you are expected to cover the shipping & other costs involved. The delivery charge will be deducted from the payment refund. The reason for this is that these items already shipped and delivered you have incurred us an extra costs for collecting, sending & returning depending on the item type & weight, even though the sellers that we buy the items from are willing to return the items, they will not cover the other expenses involved when collecting and sending the item to you. Also most of the sellers are VAT registered sellers, hence it will be a little hard for them to refund the item once VAT receipt is provided unless the 15% VAT is paid to them. So please keep in mind these scenarios before making your purchases, also try to review the store policy before making your shopping or confirming the order to us for the payment beforehand.

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